Programming Schedule

*Programming is subject to change without notice.                                               Please check back for schedule updates.

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Thursday, May 12th 2016                                                                                                 


12pm – 8pm          Registration Opens                                         Registration Desk


6pm – 10pm         Dealers Room Opens                                             Red Rock 6, 7, 8

6pm – 11pm         Hospitality Room Opens                                         Lake Mead 1, 2

7pm – 8pm           StokerCon2016 Opening Ceremonies                 Twilight Ballroom

8pm – 9pm          Does the Death Card Really Mean Death?                      Laughlin 2                            Sèphera Girón

8pm – 9pm          Screenplay Writing for Idiots…Err, Authors!                 Red Rock 3 Moderator: Jack Ketchum *Guest of Honor / Panelists: Aaron Sterns, Mark Miller, Nancy Holder, Daniel Knauf *Guest of Honor, Ryan Turek *Guest of Honor

8pm – 9pm           Reading One                                                                Red Rock 5                            Joel Arnold & Hank Schwaeble

8:30pm – 9:30pm  The Small Press or Self-Publishing: Weighing the Best  Red Rock 4                             Options for an Unagented Author                                       Moderator: Jason V. Brock / Panelists: Paul Dale Anderson, L. Andrew Cooper,           JL Brozek, Mark Matthews

8:30pm – 9:30pm    Reading Two                                                          Red Rock 1, 2                               John R. Little & Pete Mesling

9pm – 10pm          In Search of the Afterlife: A Paranormal Journey        Laughlin 2                             Bryan Purdy (Local Las Vegas Paranormal Investigator)

Evening – Night

9:30pm – 10:30pm  Write, Dammit! Time Management For Authors         Red Rock 3 Moderator: Hank Schwaeble / Panelists: Kristin Dearborn, William F. Nolan, Heather Herrman, 

9:30pm – 10:30pm   Reading Three                                                          Red Rock 5                               Tim Waggoner & Ace Antonio Hall

10pm – 11pm    Comics & Graphic Novels: Attracting New Horror Fans     Red Rock 4 Moderator: Leslie Klinger * Guest of Honor / Panelists: James Chambers,           Jonathan Maberry, David Lucarelli, Chris Morey

10pm – 11pm          Reading Four                                                         Red Rock 1, 2                               Lee Murray & Mike Lester

Friday, May 13th 2016                                                                                                          


8am – 8pm        Registration Opens                                               Registration Desk

8am – 10am      Poetic Forms: The Scary World of Structured Poetry   Virginia City 1                         Linda Addison (Workshop)

8am – 10am      Of Course You’d Say Something Like That:                Virginia City 3                         Characterization Through Dialogue                                                                          Hank Schwaeble (Workshop)

8am – 11am       Selling Your Fiction                                                       Laughlin 2                         Lucy A. Snyder (Workshop)

9am – 8pm       Dealers Room Opens                                                  Red Rock 6, 7, 8

9am – 10am     Reading One                                                                 Red Rock 1, 2                        Marge Simon *Guest of Honor & Mary Turzillo

9am – 11pm     Hospitality Room Opens                                              Lake Mead 1, 2

9am – 10am     Writing Non-Fiction: Where to Begin?                               Red Rock 3 Moderator: Lisa Morton / Panelists: Stephen Jones *Toastmaster, Leslie Klinger *Guest of Honor, David J. Skal, Anne Serling *Guest of Honor, Tony Timpone *Guest of Honor

10am – 11am     Kaffeeklatsch – *Limited to 13 Lucky Guests                   Bryce Room                         Sarah Peed – Hydra (Random House)

10am – 11am     Q&A with *Guest of Honor Ellen Datlow                           Red Rock 4

10am – 11am     Reading Two                                                                   Red Rock 5                         Taylor Grant & Weston Ochse

10am – 12pm     Making the Reader Squirm                                        Virginia City 1                         Michael Arnzen (Workshop)

10am – 12pm     Act Like a Writer                                                       Virginia City 3                         Jonathan Maberry (Workshop)

Morning – Noon – Afternoon

11am – 12pm     The Power of Writers Groups & Peer Critiques                   Red Rock 3 Moderator: JG Faherty / Panelists: Rena Mason, Patrick Freivald, Chris Marrs,           Erinn Kemper, James Chambers

11am – 12pm     Reading Three                                                              Red Rock 1, 2                         Jack Ketchum *Guest of Honor & Heather Herrman

11:30pm – 1pm  Diversity & the HWA                                                       Red Rock 4 Introduction: Lisa Morton / Moderator: Lucy A. Snyder / Panelists: Ellen Datlow * Guest of Honor, Shane McKenzie, Sumiko Saulson *Horror University Scholarship Winner, Linda Addison, Greg Herren 

1pm – 2pm  Horror in the Mass Media: How Can the Genre                       Red Rock 3                   Bring in More Readers?                                                              Moderator: Mark Miller / Panelists: William F. Nolan, Jo Fletcher, Stephen Jones *Toastmaster, R.L. Stine *Guest of Honor

1pm – 2pm     Bump in the Night: A History of Ghosts                               Laughlin 2                      Lisa Morton

1pm – 2pm   Reading Four                                                                    Red Rock 1, 2                    Jeff Strand & Daniel Braum

1pm – 3pm   The Master Plotting Crash Course                                   Virginia City 3                     John Skipp (Workshop)

1pm – 3pm   Poetic Justice: Vice & Virtue in Horror Poetry                  Virginia City 1                    Stephanie Wytovich (Workshop)

2pm – 3pm   Research: Where to Begin and How to See it Through            Red Rock 3 Moderator: Lisa Morton / Panelists: David J. Skal, Lisa Mannetti, Taylor Grant, Weston Ochse

2pm – 3pm   Anthologists: From Concept to Story Submissions                 Red Rock 4 Moderator: Daniel Braum / Panelists: Ellen Datlow *Guest of Honor, Michael Bailey, Stephen Jones *Toastmaster, Tom Monteleone, Caro Soles


2pm – 3pm    Reading Five                                                                   Red Rock 1, 2                     Patrick Freivald & Trevor Firetog

3pm – 4pm    Book to Film: How to Write Movie-Ready Fiction                  Laughlin 2                      Weston Ochse

3pm – 4pm    Small Press, Agent, or Indie Publishing                               Red Rock 4                     Which Path Is Right for You?                                                         Moderator: Cherry Weiner / Panelists: Ian Drury, Sarah Peed, Megan Hart,           John Urbancik

3pm – 4pm    Reading Six                                                                    Red Rock 1, 2                     Shane McKenzie & Nathan Carson

3pm – 5pm    How to Write Scary                                                      Virginia City 3                     Nancy Holder (Workshop)

3pm – 5pm    Read to Scare: How to Perform Your Work                      Virginia City 1                     Before a Live Audience                                                                                             Richard “Ricky” Grove (Workshop)

4pm – 5pm    Legal Issues for Authors                                                      Laughlin 2                     Leslie Klinger *Guest of Honor

6pm – 7pm     Meet Your Chapter Leaders                                       Hospitality Suite                                                                                                        (Lake Mead 1,2)

6pm – 7pm     Reading Seven                                                               Red Rock 1, 2                      Steve Rasnic Tem & Erinn Kemper

7pm – 8pm     Reading Eight                                                                    Red Rock 5                      Linda Addison & Paul Dale Anderson

Evening – Night

8pm – 9pm    StokerCon2016 Guest of Honor                                                 Savoy                      Cocktail Reception

9pm – 11pm   StokerCon2016 Lucky 13 Film Competition              Eldorado Ballroom

11pm – 12am  Lucky 13 Film Fest After Party                                                   Savoy

Saturday, May 14th 2016                                                                                                   


8am – 6pm     Registration Opens                                                  Registration Desk

8am – 10am   Goal Setting for Your Writing Career (or Hobby)!          Virginia City 3                      Nicole Cushing (Workshop)

8am – 10am   Build a Better Monster                                                 Virginia City 1                       Tim Waggoner (Workshop)

8am – 10am  The Plot Thickens                                                               Laughlin 2                     Lucy A. Snyder (Workshop)

9am – 6:30pm  Dealers Room Opens                                                  Red Rock 6, 7, 8

9am – 7pm    Hospitality Room Opens                                                Lake Mead 1, 2

9am – 10am   Reading One                                                                   Red Rock 1, 2                      Janet Joyce Holden & Aaron Sterns

9am – 10am   Dark Poetry: How to Write It, Where to Sell It                      Red Rock 3 Moderator: Marge Simon *Guest of Honor / Panelists: Linda Addison, Mary Turzillo, David Cowen, Michael Arnzen

9:30am – 10:30am   Kaffeeklatsch – *Limited to 13 Lucky Guests             Bryce Room                               Ellen Datlow *Guest of Honor

10am – 11am    Reading Two                                                                    Red Rock 5                        James Chambers & Roh Morgan

10am – 11am   The Romance of Horror or the Horror of Romance              Red Rock 4 Moderator: Heather Graham / Panelists: Greg Herren, Nancy Holder, Tonya Hurley, Yvonne Navarro, Megan Hart

10am – 12pm   Adapting Fiction to Screenplays Utilizing                    Virginia City 3                       Screenwriting Structure in Fiction                                                                          Aaron Sterns (Workshop)

Morning – Noon – Afternoon

11am – 12pm   As I Knew Him: My Dad, Rod Serling                                  Laughlin 2                       Anne Serling *Guest of Honor

11am – 12pm   Reading Three                                                                  Red Rock 5                       Daniel Knauf *Guest of Honor & Randy Rubin

11am – 12pm   The Horror Short Story in the 21stCentury:                        Red Rock 3                       Markets, Trends, and Sales                                                                 Moderator: Sunni K. Brock / Panelists: Ellen Datlow *Guest of Honor, Stephen Jones *Toastmaster, Jonathan Maberry

11am – 12pm   Horror: The Future of the Genre                                       Red Rock 4 Moderator: Del Howison / Panelists: John Urbancik, Hank Schwaeble,                 Maria Alexander, Rob Cohen, Lorne Dixon

12:30pm – 2:30pm  Pitch Sessions                                                                   Savoy Sarah Peed, Penguin Random House, Associate Editor
Ryan Turek, Director of Development, Blumhouse Productions                                 Cherry Weiner, Cherry Weiner Literary Agency
Jennifer Barnes, Editor, Raw Dog Screaming Press
Greg Herren, Acquisitions Editor, Bold Strokes Books                                             Monica S. Kuebler, Rue Morgue
Rob Cohen & Christine Roth, Co-Conspiracy Entertainment
Tony Eldridge, Producer, Lonetree Entertainment
Kate Jonez, Omnium Gatherum

12:00pm – 2:00pm  R.L. Stine * Guest of Honor                            Eldorado Ballroom                              Reading/Signing/Q&A – Guest Interviewer Jonathan Maberry

12:00pm – 2:00pm  Saying More With Less                                               Laughlin 2                               Patrick Freivald (Workshop)

1:30 – 2:30pm  Creating Believable and Unique Characters                       Red Rock 3 Moderator: Tim Waggoner / Panelists: Hal Bodner, Nancy Kilpatrick, Steve Rasnic Tem, Michael Marshall Smith

1:30pm – 2:30pm  Reading Four/Q&A with David Morrell                          Red Rock 5

1:30pm – 3:30pm  The Art of Story Structure                                      Virginia City 1                             Joseph Nassise (Workshop)

1:30pm – 3:30pm  Writing from Experience,                                      Virginia City 3                             Writing from the Wound                                                                                         Jack Ketchum *Guest of Honor (Workshop)

Afternoon – Evening

2pm – 3pm   Clive Barker’s Cabal: The Road to Midian                              Laughlin 2                    Mark Miller

2:30pm – 3:30pm  The Pulse of the International Horror Market               Red Rock 4 Moderator: Sèphera Girón / Panelists: Jo Fletcher, Lee Murray, Alessandro Manzetti, Mandy Slater

2:30pm – 3:30pm  Reading Five                                                                Red Rock 5                            Jonathan Maberry & Angela Yuriko Smith

3pm – 4pm   Research Secrets for Dark Fiction                                         Laughlin 2                    Lisa Mannetti

3:30pm – 4:30pm  Fatal Errors: Why It Pays to Have an Editor                   Red Rock 3 Moderator: Ellen Datlow *Guest of Honor / Panelists: Jodi Renee Lester,           Stephanie Wytovich, Jason V. Brock, David Morrell

3:30pm – 4:30pm  Reading Six                                                                 Red Rock 2                             Samuel W. Anderson & Mark Matthews

4pm – 6pm   A Master Class in Publishing                                          Virginia City 3                     *Toastmaster Stephen Jones, Jo Fletcher, Ian Drury

4pm – 5pm   Non-Fiction Nightmares: A Horror Writer’s Guide to            Laughlin 2                    Print & Multimedia                                                                                                  David J. Skal

4:30pm – 5:30pm  YA Horror: How It’s Done                                             Red Rock 4 Moderator: R.L. Stine *Guest of Honor / Panelists: JG Faherty, Megan Hart,           Jonathan Maberry, Tonya Hurley, Lynne Hansen

Evening – Night

4:30pm – 5:30pm  Reading Seven                                                             Red Rock 5                             John Foster & Tom Monteleone

5:30pm – 6:30pm  Reading Eight                                                          Red Rock 1, 2                            Chad Stroup & Nicole Castle

7:30 – 10:30         Bram Stoker Awards® Banquet                             Sunset Ballroom                           Purchase Tickets HERE.

10:30pm – 12am  Bram Stoker Awards® After Party                                         Savoy

Sunday, May 15th 2016                                                                                                        


9am – 12pm       Dealers Room Opens                                                Red Rock 6, 7, 8

9am – 12pm       Hospitality Room Opens                                            Lake Mead 1, 2

9am – 10am       Reading One                                                               Red Rock 1, 2                          Nancy Holder & Bryan Cassiday

9am – 10am       Crossing Boundaries: Horror Genre Mash-Ups                 Red Rock 3                          and How to Do It Right                                                                   Moderator: Hal Bodner / Panelists: Tim Waggoner, JL Brozek, Rob E. Boley,           Weston Ochse

9am – 11am       Pitch & Sell                                                               Virginia City 3                         Jonathan Maberry (Workshop)

10am – 11am     Reading Two                                                                   Red Rock 3                         Jodi Renee Lester & Joe-la Dowdy

10am – 11am     StokerCon 2017® Kick-Off Party                                 Lake Mead 1, 2                         Hosts: Kate Jonez & Xach Fromson                       (Hospitality Room)

10am – 11am     Reading Three                                                             Red Rock 1, 2                         Nicole Cushing & John Urbancik

11am – 12pm    Bram Stoker Awards® Winners Panel                               Red Rock 3                        Moderator: Rena Mason                                                                                             *To Be Determined After Banquet

12pm – 1:30pm  HWA Meeting/Closing Ceremonies                                  Red Rock 3

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