All signings will take place in the Dealers Room. The Dealers Room will be open to the public, so please feel free to invite friends and family to any of the signings listed below!



6 pm – Linda Addison, Sumiko Saulson

8 pm – Madhouse Anthology – Meghan Arcuri, Megan Hart, Brad Hodson, Rena Mason, Lisa Morton, John Palisano, John Skipp, Jeff Strand, Mercedes Yardley

9 pm – James Gurley

9:30 pm – Zombie Apocalypse! Series Signing – Peter Atkins, Jo Fletcher, Amanda Foubister, Nancy Holder, Stephen Jones, Mandy Slater, Michael Marshall Smith


FRIDAY, 5/13

9 am – Ian Welke, Kate Jonez, John Claude Smith

10 am – JG Faherty, Nancy Holder

11:30 am – David Sakmyster

12 pm – David Blake Lucarelli, Jeff Strand

1pm – Tim Waggoner, Patrick Freivald

1:30 pm – Tonya Hurley, John McIlveen,  Lucy A. Snyder

2 pm –  Scary Out There Anthology (free custom book plates for the first 50!) – Linda Addison, Nancy Holder, Jonathan Maberry, Marge Simon, Lucy A. Snyder, R. L. Stine, Steve Rasnic Tem, Tim Waggoner

3 pm – Lisa Lane, Lisa Mannetti

3:30 pm – Rob E. Boley, Aaron Sterns, Mercedes Yardley

3:30 pm – The Art of Horror Anthology – Stephen Jones, Lisa Morton, David J. Skal

4 pm – Tom Monteleone, David Morrell

4:30 pm – Maria Alexander, Megan Hart, Ellen Datlow

5 pm Midian Unmade Anthology – Nancy Holder, Del Howison, Joseph Nassise. Weston Ochse, Kevin Wetmore

5:30 pm – Leslie Klinger, Larry Berry

6 pm – Michael Potts



9 am – Brian Matthews

10 am – Fungasm/Bizarro Signing: John Skipp, Shane McKenzie, Autumn Christian, Laura Lee Bahr, Danger Slater

10:30 am – The Monster, the Bad and the Ugly Signing: Paolo Di Orazio, Alessandro Manzetti  

11 am – Chiral Mad 3 Anthology – Meghan Arcuri, Michael Bailey, Hal Bodner, Bruce Boston, Gary A. Braunbeck, Jason Brock, Scott Edelman, Eric Guignard, Erinn Kemper, Jack Ketchum, Gene O’Neill, Marge Simon, Stephanie Wytovich, Mercedes Yardley

11:30 am – The Library of the Dead Anthology – Michael Bailey, Gary A. Braunbeck,  Erinn Kemper, Chris Marrs, Rena Mason, Yvonne Navarro, Weston Ochse, Gene O’Neill, Lucy A. Snyder, 

12 pm – Richard Devin, Taylor Grant, Lance Taubold, Steven Van Patten

12:30 pm – nEvermore! Anthology – Jason Brock, Sunni Brock, Nancy Holder, Nancy Kilpatrick, Lisa Morton, William F. Nolan, Caro Soles

1 pm – Bryan Cassiday

1 pm – The Never Fear anthology series – Lance Taubold, Rich Devin, Aidan Russell, Mathew Kaufman, Jeff Depew, F. Paul Wilson, Thomas Monteleone, Patrick Freivald, Lisa Mannetti, Ed Deangelis

2 pm – John C. Foster, Lorne Dixon

2:30 pm – Alys Arden, James Chambers

3 pm – Marge Simon, Nicole Cushing, Janet Joyce Holden

3:30 pm – Weston Ochse, Yvonne Navarro, Hank Schwaeble, Steve Rasnic Tem

4 pm – Studies in the Horror Film: Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining Anthology – Danel Olson

5 pm – David J. Skal


SUNDAY, 5/15

11 am – Greg McWhorter, Oz Monroe

11:30 am –Daniel Braum, Elizabeth Crowens


We still have slots left, so if you would like to sign at StokerCon, please FOLLOW THESE STEPS:

  • We suggest you first take a look at our programming schedule so you can choose a time that will not conflict with other events you’d like to attend. The schedule can be viewed here: . Please choose your top three times, and send your choices to . Times will be assigned on a first-come/first-served basis. We will attempt to give you your top preference, and will confirm with you once your time is locked in. If none of your choices are available, we will provide you with a list of times still available.
  • You may either bring your own books to sell, or ask our official convention bookseller Barnes and Noble to sell your books. If you are selling your own books, please let us know at – you will be contacted with instructions regarding tax collection. If you would prefer to have Barnes and Noble sell your books, you can arrange consignment with them (they take 40%). If your book is available from major distributors, you may ask Barnes and Noble to order your book from the distributors. Please send your name, title, and ISBN to Crystal at . Please do not send more than two titles.
Thank you!