Lucky Th1rt3en Horror Short Film Competition


In conjunction with our inaugural horror convention, the Horror Writers Association is proud to announce the winner of the Lucky Th1rt3en Horror Short Film Competition!

First Place

Quenottes (Pearlies) – Pascal Thiebaux (US)


U.S. Premiere!

A story about a little mouse but not just any mouse.

Second Place

The Package – Eric Morgret (US)

A man receives a mysterious package, what could it be?

Third Place

Chateau Sauvignon: Terroir – David Maire (US)


The isolated adolescent son of a storied vintner family finds himself torn between obeying his father’s callous restrictions and preventing his ailing mother from deteriorating further.


Screened Films

The Barber’s Cut – Mark Brocking (UK)


Two severed yet living heads wake up in a fridge and manage to escape their captor.

Boogey-Woogie – Enrico Conte (Italy)


At night, there’s a broadcast that spread old music and advices for sleepless listeners. The host has a friendly and competent voice, but he’s about to discover that the voices that follow him, instead, are not that friendly.

Chance – Ryan Wick (US)


Hannah is a lonely young woman with a dark secret. She spends her nights traveling through cities hoping to find that special someone. Her definition of ‘special’ however, is very different from most peoples.

Drawn to Fear – Daniel Robinette (US)


A single woman named Hope has procured a rare book under strange circumstances. Little does she know that the book has a life of it’s own.

In The Ruins – Florian Frerichs (Germany)


When Ayden arrives at a deserted church in the forest, he meets the strange Doctor Faber who offers him some food, if Ayden promises to provide the next meal…

Ma Petite Sophie – Ruebén Bautista (Spain)

Photo 3 Sophie2

Sophie is a mature, independent girl eager to live her life on her own. However, her mother doesn’t agree.

Scheherazade – Mehrnoush Aliaghaei (US)

Photo 5 05

In an audition, the unseen man behind the camera is asking the young actresses to share their dark personal stories. How much are they willing to share?

They Will All Die in Space – Javier Chillon (Spain)


The starship Tantalus drifts through space.

Three Wise Monkeys – Miguel Angel Font Bisier (Spain)


Summon your wild side!

Wolves – Alvaro Rodriguez (Spain)


World War II. Arthur, British Royal Air Force pilot, flees cross-country after his plain crashes. He begins a fight for survival in which he will encounter more than he expected.

The thirteen selected films will be screened at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas on May 13 and judged by an elite panel of celebrity judges comprised of:

  • Daniel Knauf, producer, The Blacklist, Carnivale, and Dracula
  • Monica S. Kuebler, managing editor, Rue Morgue magazine
  • Mike McCarty, special effects show supervisor at KNB EFX Group
  • Mark Miller, vice president, Seraphim Films
  • Lisa Morton, president, Horror Writers Association
  • John Skipp, screenwriter, A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child
  • Aaron Sterns, writer, Wolf Creek: 2
  • Ryan Turek, head of development, Blumhouse Productions

Upon conclusion of the screenings—hosted by Tony Timpone, editor of Fangoria Magazine—the judges will award one film/filmmaker the Tredecim Award. The award includes a $1,000 cash prize and an exclusive one-year “first look” deal with Co-Conspiracy Entertainment.

For more information on StokerCon2016, please visit:

Awards & Prizes

The coveted StokerCon2016 Lucky Th1rt3en Tredecim Award will be awarded to one film and filmmaker, the best film shown at our event as decided upon by a panel of industry judges.

The winning filmmaker will also receive a cash award of $1,000 plus an exclusive one-year “first look” deal with Co-Conspiracy Entertainment for the winner’s short film with the opportunity for the project to be further developed for Co-Conspiracy’s development slate, the opportunity to work with Co-Conspiracy’s story and marketing teams, and the opportunity to be attached to a project already in development at Co-Conspiracy Entertainment. (

Our event judges for StokerCon2016’s Lucky Th1rt3en Short Film Competition include: John Skipp (Tales of Halloween), Daniel Knauf (The Blacklist), Monica S. Kuebler (Rue Morgue), Mark Miller (Seraphim Films), Lisa Morton (HWA president), Ryan Turek (Blumhouse Productions), Mike McCarty (KNB EFX Group), Aaron Sterns (Wolf Creek 2), and our event host Tony Timpone (Editor Emeritus, Fangoria).

Rules & Terms

StokerCon2016’s Lucky Th1rt3en Horror Short Competition films must be sent to the specified email address or uploaded to this site by March 13th, 2016 to be considered for inclusion by the festival programmers. All selections to be shown in Vegas will be announced on our site mid-April 2016. Selected filmmakers will be notified by email.

The film must be original content. If an adaptation, the filmmaker must have secured permission from the content owner and meet all requirements to hold copyright on the film when entering. English language and/or English subtitles required for submissions.

To submit your film, please upload and send a link to your work on either YouTube, Vimeo, or DailyMotion. You may also upload a copy of your link to Dropbox and send the link to us. We request that all films provided directly via Dropbox be in a compressed Quicktime wrapper. If posted to a media site, be sure to only post your film as “Private” as films that are available online for viewing will not be considered. Please also include the “Private” status film’s password so we can watch your film promptly.

All films submitted to the festival are viewed and scored by a panel of knowledgeable judges who love both horror and short films.

If a film is accepted, two (2) high quality DVDs will be needed as soon after notification as possible. StokerCon2016 cannot be held liable for any filmmakers who do not properly follow-up.

StokerCon2016’s Lucky Th1rt3en Horror Short Competition will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday, May 13th, 2016. You do not need to be present to win with your film.

Entrance fees are non-refundable. Films that have ignored the rules and criteria set forth above will be rejected without any further information given.

Lucky 13 Horror Short Film Competition Trailer from Charles Pinion on Vimeo.