Lifetime Achievement Awards

Each year, the Horror Writers Association presents its Lifetime Achievement Awards to individuals whose work has substantially influenced the horror genre. While the award is often presented to a writer, it may also be given for influential accomplishments in other creative fields. The award is voted on by a committee and is presented during the gala Bram Stoker Awards banquet.

HWA has announced Alan Moore and George A. Romero as the recipients of the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Patrick Freivald, chair of the Lifetime Achievement Award Committee, explained this year’s selections:

“Alan Moore is a giant of speculative literature who has irrevocably transformed public perception of what a comic or graphic novel can be, whether BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE or fully imagined original worlds such as WATCHMEN and FROM HELL. From dark heroes to darker villains, Moore’s unflinching boldness makes him one of today’s greatest and most influential horror writers.

“George A. Romero’s career has had an incalculable impact on horror and dark fiction. Few writers can claim to have launched a cultural phenomenon, and fewer still have transformed the modern perceptions of what an iconic monster is and should be. From movies to TV to video games, one might be hard-pressed to find a horror writer who has not benefited from and has been influenced by his body of work.”

The awards will be presented at the inaugural StokerCon in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, May 14, 2016. Tickets to the banquet and the convention are on sale to the public at The awards presentation will also be live-streamed online.

Past Recipients

2014 – Jack Ketchum, Tanith Lee
2013 – Stephen Jones, R. L. Stine
2012 – Clive Barker, Robert McCammon
2011 – Rick Hautala, Joe Lansdale
2010 – Ellen Datlow, Al Feldstein
2009 – Brian Lumley, William F. Nolan
2008 – F. Paul Wilson, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
2007 – John Carpenter, Robert Weinberg
2006 – Thomas Harris
2005 – Peter Straub
2004 – Michael Moorcock
2003 – Anne Rice, Martin H. Greenberg
2002 – Stephen King, J.N. Williamson
2001 – John Farris
2000 – Nigel Kneale
1999 – Edward Gorey, Charles L. Grant
1998 – Ramsey Campbell, Roger Corman
1997 – William Peter Blatty, Jack Williamson
1996 – Ira Levin, Forrest J. Ackerman
1995 – Harlan Ellison
1994 – Christopher Lee
1993 – Joyce Carol Oates
1992 – Ray Russell
1991 – Gahan Wilson
1990 – Hugh B. Cave, Richard Matheson
1989 – Robert Bloch
1988 – Ray Bradbury, Ronald Chetwynd-Hayes
1987 – Fritz Leiber, Frank Belknap Long, Clifford D. Simak