Lucy A. Snyder talks about her “Selling Your Fiction” Workshop

(This is the inaugural post in a series in which our StokerCon Horror University workshop instructors tell us more about their workshops. More to come!)

WORKSHOP INSTRUCTOR INTERVIEW #1: Lucy A. Snyder on her “Selling Your Fiction” workshop

lucysnyderTell us something about your StokerCon workshop that is not in the original description:

In “Selling Your Fiction,” we’ll go over short fiction contracts for both original and media tie-ins, and participants will emerge with examples of good contracts they can refer to later.

What skills or achievements make you ideally suited to lead this workshop?

I’ve sold a novel series to Del Rey, and I’ve made hundreds of article and short story sales.

Why do you feel that your workshop subject is especially important?

It’s critical to be able to sell your work to make it as a writer.

If you could participate in one other StokerCon workshop, which one would you choose and why?

Gary A. Braunbeck’s “Characterization Through Dialogue” workshop – I’ve actually taken it before, and it’s great every time. He’s an inspiring instructor.

Do you approach the craft of writing horror differently from other genres?

To me, writing horror just comes naturally; when I sit down to write a piece of fiction, it’ll tend to be horror in some way. It’s when I’m writing in other genres that I need to take different approaches and be consciously mindful of their requirements.

Apart from teaching your workshop, what are you most looking forward to at StokerCon?

I’m most looking forward to reconnecting with people I only seem to see at conventions! And I’m looking forward to the Stoker Awards ceremony.

What do you most hope that those attending your workshop will take away from it?

I most hope that people will come out of my workshop with a solid understanding of how to go about submitting their fiction … and that they won’t fall prey to scams and bad markets.

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