Linda Addison talks about her “Poetic Forms: The Scary World of Structured Poetry” workshop

lindaaTell us something about your StokerCon workshop that is not in the original description:

I thought of this workshop because it’s important to my own writing to incorporate my poetic style in my fiction. Poetry is my first voice and free verse is the form I use often, but I enjoy practicing other forms. When I write fiction I’m always looking for a way to reflect the music of poetry.

What skills or achievements make you ideally suited to lead this workshop?

For one thing many poetic forms are defined by mathematical patterns and I have a B.S. in Mathematics. Also I’ve published more than 250 poems, 20 stories and received four HWA Bram Stoker Awards® for poetry which kind of hints that I might have something to share about writing poetry (LOL).

Why do you feel that your workshop subject is especially important?

Whether you’re a poet or write fiction it’s important to try different things to exercise your writing style. Through stretching outside the usual a writer can find something surprising and interesting may develop in their writing voice.

If you could participate in one other StokerCon workshop, which one would you choose and why?

There’s more than one I would choose but the first one would be The Master Plotting Crash Course with John Skipp. I love the idea of learning a new way to storyboard a novel since I’ve just started on the road of writing novels.

Do you approach the craft of writing horror differently from other genres?

No matter what genre I’m writing the important things are characters, what they want, what they’re willing to pay to get it and what happens when things go wrong.

Apart from teaching your workshop, what are you most looking forward to at StokerCon?

I look forward to seeing friends and making new friends. Also, I’m always energized by sitting in panels and readings.

What do you most hope that those attending your workshop will take away from it?

I would be happy if attendees walked away feeling a little more comfortable about some poetry form and perhaps later would discover their writing has developed a new layer of music.

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