Ricky Grove talks about his “Read to Scare!: How to Perform Your Work Before a Live Audience” workshop

WORKSHOP INTERVIEW #7: Ricky Grove on his “Read to Scare!: How to Perform Your Work Before a Live Audience” workshop…

rgroveTell us something about your StokerCon workshop that is not in the original description:

I plan on demonstrating some of the bad habits people have when doing a reading so attendees can actually see (and hear) how poor presentation ruins their chances of getting someone to get interested in their story. I’ll also be covering a section at the end on how to read poetry effectively.

What skills or achievements make you ideally suited to lead this workshop?

Many years experience as a professional actor both on stage and in film. Plus, I’ve received a great deal of training on oral interpretation and have voice-acted in several animated films and machinima.

Why do you feel that your workshop subject is especially important?

Because I don’t think anyone has actually addressed the craft that goes into an author reading their work aloud. Practical help is always useful and given the large amount of poor readings I attend, there is a definite need for guidance.

If you could participate in one other StokerCon workshop, which one would you choose and why?

Probably Poetic Forms: The Scary World of    Structured Poetry with Linda Addison, although there are so many good workshops it’s hard to choose!
Do you approach the craft of writing horror differently from other genres?

Since I’m not really a writer of fiction, I’ll pass on this question.

Apart from teaching your workshop, what are you most looking forward to at StokerCon?
Meeting people and talking about books and writing. I also am looking forward to several panels. Should be a lot of fun!

What do you most hope that those attending your workshop will take away from it?

A set of tools to use to make their readings better along with inspiration that they can do it!

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